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4K for 40K

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4K for 40K

Postby Interloper » Wed Dec 04, 2013 12:35 am

Saw this "Samsung 4K Ultra HD" television for sale on Amazon for the low, low price of... $40,000 (The link is worth visiting to read the product reviews alone).


Don't get me wrong, I remember a time when flat-screens were all but unaffordable for the general public and I know that an electronics item like this has a very certain sort of high-end audience that it caters to (also business use, etc.) but... $40,000 for a TV is quite incredible, particularly when you consider that there's virtually zero content available in Ultra HD at the moment anyway. WHICH MAKES THE WHOLE THING POINTLESS.

My "regular HD" television will be fine by me for the foreseeable future, but what about you?

Does anyone plan on buying a $40,000 TV any time soon? :lol:
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