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Thunder and Lightning

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Thunder and Lightning

Postby Interloper » Tue Dec 03, 2013 12:57 am

As I type this there's a constant rumble of thunder rolling in across the hills. It's warm enough you don't need to wear a jacket (and probably not even pants). The sun is totally obscured by the clouds, so everything is a sort of colour-adjusted pastel version of itself. There's the smell of the rain in the air, the smell of cut grass, the smell of dirt. And there's this feeling... like electricity, buzzing silently all around. A few birds chirp in warning to the others, "come this way", "there's shelter here", "get out of my face you lousy crow". More rolling thunder. Then: WHOOSH.

This is my favourite weather. I sometimes affectionately refer to it as "Britney Spears music video" weather, because her videos always look they're filmed in places with a relative humidity of ten million. No, I don't know how to note relative humidity with any sort of scientific validity. And no, this thread isn't just an excuse to type "Britney Spears". But surely it's good to know that not too much has changed in the last decade. ;)

Anyway, what's your favourite type of weather? One or two word answers are fine too. :P
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