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Console Wars 2013-14

PostPosted: Wed Dec 04, 2013 12:41 am
by Interloper
It feels like it's been centuries that there was any new gaming consoles released (and the Wii U doesn't count). There's probably still a good twelve months before either the PS4 or XBONE will truly become an attractive proposition, but the question still begs to be asked:

Which of the newly-released consoles would you choose and why? Or do you plan to stick it out with the current-gen for a while longer?

:alien: :alien: :alien:

Edit: Added more home console options.

Re: Console Wars 2013-14

PostPosted: Fri Dec 06, 2013 3:31 am
by du`
I think you need to add an additional poll option for people like me who are getting one of the previous generation consoles for Christmas.

Hooray for dirt-cheap EOL systems with a full back-catalog already released.