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My Stories

Postby Interloper » Wed Dec 04, 2013 5:45 am

Finally, some of my stories are available as self-published, DRM-free .epub files, available for download from Tomely. I have some codes available for freebies, so if there are any Shriners out there with a device that reads .epub and a hunger for indie fiction, just hit me up and I'll "hook you up".


Chronicles the adventures of a girl detective who sets out to uncover the truth about her missing brother and to answer the enigmatic question: "What is Westcrest?"

In another world, the esteemed explorer Richard W. Hatchkins sets out to save the love of his life from the sacrificial flames of the Hecatomb, relying on only a battered briefcase and a flying machine constructed from a set of 500-year-old blueprints.

When a steam-powered locomotive vanishes from the tracks near the idyllic English hamlet of Esterbrook, it's up to a tea drinking club named "the Saucers"--an aristocrat, a witch, a necromancer, a priest and a builder--to uncover the sinister truth behind the vanishment before it's too late.

Fast-paced action-adventure story about a group of extraordinary characters who live on an invisible island in the middle of a lake. Contains magic paintings, voodoo dolls, trolls, mad scientists, flying motorbikes and more! Also, answers the enigmatic question: "What is Westcrest?"

The stakes are raised as the team from Westcrest are faced with an alien invasion and a plague of zombies. Meanwhile, Jeremy comes to grips with having one of the strangest super-powers of all...
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